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Making Memories

My favorite memories from childhood all center around when my family was together, not necessarily during milestone ceremonies and holidays but doing just normal ‘stuff’ together. Jonathan and I love camp because it gives us lots of time to do just that, spend downtime on a beautiful hill top doing lots of ‘stuff’ with our family and friends. We love the time to fellowship and make new friends in the church at large and our kids getting to do the same. Miles says recreation time is his favorite while both girls agree on campfire and staying up late. Both activities are memories in the making each year. I think specifically Amelia will always remember square dancing the night away with her dad. Miles will remember when the cool big kids let him help lead in a campfire song. I personally come away refreshed after receiving a week full of group psalm singing and teaching. We’re thankful for such a great place to grow each year as a Christian and as family.

- Kelli Trexler, former counselor and Family Camp President 2007. Camper since 2004.

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