Young peoples president Kaleigh Gibbons, and her team, have made great strides for all WhiteLakers to stay involved with camp this year! By utilizing Zoom and Skype, we will be able to have a few days of the camp like experience we all long to have! Sign up for not only some thing to do, but for memories and fellowship that will last a life time! Now is your chance to be apart of White Lakes first ever Virtual Camp! Although we really wish we could gather and worship together in person, this is the next best thing!

For one family to sign up is it $20 

For additional fun, a family could also order "Camp in a Box" for $30 which will include fun games and camp swag to use throughout the week as well!


This year we have multiple speakers to make sure you get the full camp experience! 

Rut Etheridge, Ryan Somerville, Jason Housewright, Johnathan Haney, and Garrett Mann have all agreed to lead parts of lectures this year.


Your Home! 

By utilizing Zoom and Skype, you will get the face to face interaction and fellowship you crave and also be lead in discussion after lectures and join in on real time campfire leaders!

Keep yourselves and your kids engaged with this immersive schedule! We have specific activities based on age group to keep all campers involved. Be lead in discussion by people you know in real time! Interact with people you miss from different states, and see the memories build right before your eyes as White Lake continues strong in the face of national chaos. 

Sign Up Today!

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